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Patio Decks

  Whether you are looking to enjoy the sun in your backyard and sip coffee or give your little ones an area to play outside, decks are adaptable and give you many useful options. You can turn them into an extension of your house to serve as a lounge area with the right furniture, or you can decorate them with plants to add to your backyard scenery. If you love to have people over, decks are a great place to socialize while keeping the inside of your home clean. Furthermore, decks are a lot easier to clean, so cleaning up after your party is that much easier!


  California Style Construction can help you end-to-end with your new deck or patio or existing deck or patio remodel. California Style Construction can prepare your deck structural plans to ensure your building permit will be approved and your deck will be code compliant (especially important for California earthquakes!) so that you can commence with construction. Furthermore our partner network of general contractors can help you build your beautiful deck as well! 

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